Case Study

Haad Tien installation

The Problem:

Haad Tien does not have mains electricity so all power is provided by diesel generators.  These generators are noisy, dirty and break down a lot. It’s inaccessibility by road means that taking large generators to be fixed is problematic and expensive. The end result is electricity that is not 24/7 due to cost and also intermittent due to the reliability of the generators. For a group of the long term residents there they wanted a more reliable service.

The Solution:

One of our consultants, Ottmar ‘Woodstock’ Rohrig, came up with a shared solar solution to provide electricity for 3 homes.  A total of 8x 250Watt panels giving 2000W of solar power  using brand new to Thailand non toxic, jungle proof, salt water based batteries that are not environmentally hazardous, have a life span of about 15 years and a capacity degradation of about 5% in that time.  These batteries provide a much cheaper solution over the same time period that traditional lead acid batteries.


Haad Tien Bay


Community group living in the bay.

What We Did

8x 250W max output panels

1x Charge controller

1x Victron Energy Inverter

20x 1.2v salt water hybrid eco batteries

Installation and cabling

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