Solar For Your Home

Have the peace of mind that your family will have cheaper electricity whenever they need it.

Secure the energy supply for your home and family.

The cost of solar technology is dropping day by day as more people switch to using it.  On an island like Koh Phangan with plenty of sun all the year around it is the perfect location to meet your energy needs with solar.  Even when it’s cloudy enough of the suns rays get through to your panels to produce electricity.

We can also help you get set up to sell your excess electricity back to your local energy provider.

Once we have gathered your requirements and sized your system we can then start to talk about the most suitable equipment to use that meets your budget.

What’s Stopping You?

  • Up front cost
  • Looks ugly
  • Reliability

What next?

  • Fill out the “get a quote for your home” form.
  • We will contact you to discuss the system sizing consultation and your budget.
  • Complete the system sizing.
  • We will provide a you a quote 
  • Install your system!
  • Simple

Why it’s a good idea!

  • Reduce your electricity bill.
  • You can run many high energy use systems during the day for much lower costs.
  • You will be able to apply to your local electricity company to sell  extra electricity back to the grid.
  • Modern systems are extremely reliable.
  • You can still be connected to mains electricity.
  • Be proud to be eco friendly, let your friends see!
  • Keep up with the trend, everyone wants solar, but just don’t know how to do it.

We're here to help

We will give you honest advice and take the time to size a system that meets your needs exactly.

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